Official's Payment Info

2024 ALRA Official's Payment Info

The ALRA will be using the Plooto payment system again for the 2024 season.  Plooto is more secure, timely and cost-effective than the EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) used previously.  Plooto operates as a "mass" e-transfer, and you will have the option to link your bank account directly (for most institutions) or manually enter your direct deposit information in order to receive your monthly payment.  You are no longer required to send your direct deposit information to the ALRA. 

  1. Funds will be sent on or before the 15th of every month for all games officiated the previous month. (ie. June 15th for games officiated between May 1st to 31st)
  2. All officials will receive an email directly from Plooto with instructions to deposit your email money transfer.  Your unique security question answer will be emailed to you beforehand by the VP Finance. 
  3. You will receive all emails to the same address you use to sign into your Arbiter Assigning account, so ensure you have access. 
  1. Your name on Arbiter Assigning must match the name of the bank account you choose to deposit your funds into.  If you plan to deposit the funds into a bank account in a different name (ie. a parent/guardian account, or legal name), you must email the VP Finance.  For security reasons, your bank may deny the transfer if the correct depositee's name is not entered into Plooto beforehand. 
  1. As long as you can access your email account and your name matches the bank, no further action is required! 


You are responsible for the accuracy of your bank account information.  If you enter the wrong account number which causes your deposit to fail, the ALRA will deduct a $2.00 fee to cover what the ALRA will be charged by Plooto.  You are responsible for securing your email account and ensuring the name on the bank account matches the name in Arbiter. 

Do not send your banking information to the ALRA.  We do not issue cheques.