ALRA Clinic FAQs

When are the ALRA clinics?

Clinic dates are posted on the ALRA Box Clinics and ALRA Field Clinics clinic pages.


What is included in the clinic?

All in person clinics will involve classroom and the possibility of an on floor walkthrough (depending on LGB). Each clinic is being taught by a senior ALRA official with either professional or executive led experience to insure we are here to answer your questions. Each entry level / level 1 clinic this year will include a whistle for each registrant. Jerseys will have to be purchased from our store which can be found here


Do I have to take a clinic every season?  Can I just take the test if I can't make a clinic?

Every ALRA Official is required, without exception, to attend a clinic every season.  The clinics are the central source of official direction, safety bulletins, and internal training for Officials.  This is also a requirement for liability purposes.  All ALRA Officials must also write, and pass, the NOCP written exam that correlates with their level of officiating.


Can I just take the test if I can't make a clinic?

No.  As mentioned above, all Officials must attend a clinic every season.


What level clinic do I register for?

Entry Level - All first year officials.

Level 1 - For any Official that Officiated for the first time in 2023.

Level 2 - For Officials that have Officiated for two or more years and are over 16 years of age.

Level 3 - For Officials that have Officiated for four or more years and are over 18 years of age.

Level 4/5 - For experienced Officials who, through their ability on floor, have been invited to attend the Uber Clinic held in cooperation with the RMLL Coaching Clinic.


Will there be a clinic for people attending University/College in the U.S.?

Yes.  There will be an online clinic provided for our out of country athletes interested in Officiating when they return home from school.  Please email the VP Technical to inquire about the Out-of-Country Student Clinic.


What do I need for my clinic?

Just like any course, we highly recommend brining note taking materials with you to your clinic as there will be a test on the material at the end of the clinic. The test for each clinic is completed online and you will be required to bring a mobile device to take the test (cell phones, tablets or laptops are acceptable). Some clinics (depending on LGB) will have an on floor walkthrough to show you positioning in a more understandable way. For this, we ask that you wear running shoes and suitable clothing to go for a quick light jog. All other materials and information will be communicated with you 1-2 days prior to your clinic.


How much do referees get paid?

2024 Box Lacrosse Game Fees













Junior B Tier II / III


Junior Ladies


Junior B / Senior C


Junior A / Senior B


Senior Ladies