ALRA 2021 Registration Now Open!!

Jun. 10, 2021

With the Provincial Government lifting all restrictions to indoor sports, LGBs across the province have been busy planning a return to box lacrosse.  With that comes the need for Officials for the games that are being planned.  While we won't see the volume of games we would normally see in a typical box season, there will be games, at all age divisions, that will require competent Officials.

Due to the lack of developmental opportunities, as well as a lack of developmental time due to the compressed season, only those Officials whom Officiated in the 2019 season will be contacted to register for the 2021 season.  We will continue accepting Entry Level Officials for the 2022 season.

The current information we have regarding each LGBs plans is as follows:

   AFLA - waiting to see what the impact of a late start to the box season means to the field season before they announce any plans

   CALL - hoping to run between 40 - 80 games (depending on club participation)

   CDLA - hoping to run a 300 game season for all minor age groups (dependent on club participation); for ease of scheduling and assigning we have requested that they use the soccer center(s) to keep locations and travel to a minimum

   GELC - unfortunately nothing is planned at the moment for the LGB as a whole as certain clubs have decided to not participate; there will be an opportunity to Officiate some inter-club scrimmages of which 20+ are already scheduled

   SALA - planning to run games every weekend from the 18th of June until the 3rd week of July

   WLA - hoping to run some programming of some type, but unsure of the number of games; possibly hosting a tournament

   RMLL - most divisions look like they will be having some type of league play; what type of volume of games per division is currently being worked out

Please keep in mind that these are the details as we know them right now.  As we have seen, things are changing daily, so this information is a snapshot of what is currently being discussed.  If additional games are announced in your respective LGBs at a later date, we will communicate that information and potentially run additional clinics if demand requires it.

Only those Officials that Officiated in the 2019 season will be eligible to Officiate in the 2021 season.  There will be no new Officials permitted to Officiate in this abbreviated season as there simply is not enough time to develop them to be competent Officials.  We will continue accepting Entry Level Officials for the 2022 season.  We also must ensure that you understand that there is no guarantee that you will step on the floor, for a few reasons:

- COVID numbers could increase and all plans and preparations for a box seasons could be stopped by Government mandate

- there may be more Officials available than there are games to be Officiated; your respective RICs will do their best to ensure that all registered Officials will see the floor but you will not be assigned to a game you are not qualified for just to ensure equity in assignments

- your respective LGB does not get the participation from it's clubs and they do not go ahead without holding any games


Please click the link here to be taken to the Box Clinic Information Page.


Thank you

ALRA Executive